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Read Our Incredible Story!

It all started with a …



I’m Alan Lindsey, owner of Ms. Ella’s Kitchen. Named after my grandmother Ms. Ella Mae Loyd (Shepard).


My Kitchen is inspired by this hardworking loving woman who with along with my aunts used to prepare the most lip smackin’ food during Thanksgiving and Christmas.


I have taken those same smackin’ roots and implemented them in the tastiest recipes for you and your family to enjoy.


Pull up a chair and get in on this good eating!


Alan Lindsey


Finger Lickin’ Meals on Wheels

We wanted to be able to make this family experience more accessible to you.


Our grill has come a long way to bring you delicious eats.


With an idea that has now flourished since 2008, the search for the perfect grill that would bring you Ms. Ella’s Kitchen, was a rewarding one.

Interesting fact, we actually crafted our very own kitchen ourselves to guarantee the mobility of the kitchen that’ll keep your food coming as long as we can!

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